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Fast Uniformity Analysis for Any Display

Luminance and chromaticity uniformity are two of the most important characteristics of displays and backlights.

Uniformity is typically measured using a fixed grid of test locations in the display area. As a Uniformity Spots Package user, follow a simplified process to:

  • Define simple or complex area of interest (AOI) arrays;
  • Automatically apply previously created AOIs to measurements; and
  • Compute uniformity metrics

The software re-registers the AOI array for each measurement, making highly accurate fixturing unnecessary. Both rectangular and irregularly-shaped displays are supported.

9 Spot

Key Features

  • Assess the uniformity of one or more displays at a time
  • Generate user-defined pattern of AOIs
  • Highlight the locations of minimum and maximum luminance
  • Evaluate metrics such as per cent uniformity
  • DFF spot scan uniformity
  • Fast test times
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