Westboro Photonics

Extend the analysis capabilities of Photometrica® to include tests specific to SAE J1757™-2 NOV2018 Standard – Optical System HUD for Automotive.

Key Features

  • Contrast
  • Distortion
  • Field of view (FOV)
  • Ghost image
  • Location
  • Luminance
  • Rotation
  • Uniformity
  • Seamless integrating to the Display Test Package
  • Run tests in an automated fashion, including a production mode
  • Support for irregular display shapes

Convenience and alignment

Users testing HUD systems will benefit from the electronic lens control available on the WP6E/S imaging colorimeters.  HUD measurements require delicate alignment, and the convenience of changing focus and aperture settings through the Photometrica® software will allow the users to make necessary adjustments without disturbing the alignment.

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