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Beam Pattern Software Package

Intensity Measurements of Lamps

Measure and analyze the luminance (or radiance) and chromatic properties of lensed light sources with this menu-driven software package.

Perform geometrical and photometric calibration, take measurements, and report the luminous / radiant intensity of a test lamp in polar (theta, phi) or Cartesian (thetaH, thetaV) coordinates, or illuminance / irradiance in spatial coordinates. Analyze chromaticity coordinates when using an imaging colorimeter, or report spectral properties with the addition of an optional spectroradiometer.

Complete Beam Pattern Systems Available

Complete your beam pattern measurement system with the following instruments:

WP offers full turnkey systems, complete with installation and training. Contact us for additional information and pricing.

Key Features

  • High resolution, typically 0.01°
  • Fast acquisition and analysis
  • Standard or custom arrays of test points
  • Pass / fail analysis
  • Menu-driven setup and measurement
  • Supports a wide range of measurement geometries
  • Export to IES or CSV file formats
  • Wide-ranging analyses with Photometrica

High-speed Production

Production applications require high speed and reliability. WP offers many platforms to meet your imaging needs including the Multi Camera Imaging Colorimeter (MCIC), which can measure intensity and color in 1 second.

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