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Software Packages

Powerful software for measurements, analysis and reporting

Eliminate distractions, increase throughput, and enable efficiency with WP’s range of add-on software packages, streamlined to meet specific application-based requirements. Easily perform common, repetitive lighting and colorimetry testing for the following applications, while increasing testing quality and fostering specialization with these specialized sets of tools.

Display Testing

Display Test

Test complex display characteristics such as color point, luminance, uniformity, gamut and gamma. Meet industry standards, ensure the highest quality, and reveal critical manufacturing defects with this menu-driven software solution that also includes a production mode.

Graphics Testing


Accurately test the uniformity and consistency of lit automotive interior components through enhanced Area of Interest refinement and analysis capabilities. Ensure that customer demands for quality are exceeded for production and R&D measurements.

Uniformity Spots

Uniformity Spots

Take quick, easy and reproducible measurements for production applications requiring measurements at multiple locations. Automatically aligns the test area(s), identify, and report the uniformity value, as well as the range of x,y,u’,v’, and luminance.

Beam Pattern

Accurately measure beam patterns produced when light sources illuminate a screen, including both transmissive and reflective screen test setups. Typical measurements include luminous intensity and illuminance distributions.

Light Plate Balancing

As an avionics panel manufacturer, obtain real-time 2D readings of backlight luminance. Interactively paint panels until the light distribution is within specification, using the information provided together with our imaging photometers or colorimeters.

Styling Line

Provide quick and reproducible analysis of straight or curved lighting elements. This specifically designed software package will help you assess the uniformity of linear lighting elements that are common in vehicle and architectural lighting,

Head Up Display (HUD) package

Extend the analysis capabilities of Photometrica® to include tests specific to SAE J1757™-2 NOV2018 Standard – Optical System HUD for Automotive

Specialized Software Packages

Although our software packages can be used for multiple applications, they are specifically tailored for the following industries:

Package Automotive Aerospace & Defense Flat Panel AR/VR Lighting
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