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Photometrica Software – Customization and SDK

Powerful software for measurements, analysis and reporting


Customize your Photometrica Software by creating scripts to perform a specific set of actions. Depending on your requirements this may simply be the customization of the user interface by writing a number of scripts. These scripts come in three types that dictate when they are loaded, saved and unloaded: Document; Global; and Package.

Most of the Photometrica API (Application Programming Interface) methods are available in scripts as well as through the COM/.NET and SOAP interfaces.

Third Party Software Support

Use Photometrica Software on an assembly line or as a part of a larger system or application that requires external software control. The following options are available:

  • External Host Application – External applications are written in a programming language that supports the .NET or COM interface can host Photometrica®. WP customers can obtain more information by referencing the “Using the Photometrica COM or .NET Interface” in the Photometrica Software user manual.
  • SOAP – Run Photometrica as a SOAP server, connecting to and controlled by SOAP clients such as LabVIEW and MATLAB. SOAP can also be used by external applications in general. Photometrica customers can view the SOAP section in the user manual for more details.
  • HTTP Web Server – Run Photometrica as a simple HTTP/HTML server able to be connected to and be controlled by web clients. WP customers can refer to the Web Server section in the user manual for more details.
  • Command Line Program – Using PmConsole.exe, Photometrica Software can be controlled using custom command line parameters which are then used by a custom script. The return value of the custom script is written to the standard output of the command console.


Quickly create new documents with a set of existing templated elements such as: capture schemes; computations; reports; a predetermined set of columns in the Area Of Interest (AOI) table; evaluation entries; and more. Photometrica’s SDK allows the creation of user-defined windows and scripts which can be included with the template.

Photometrica Development Services

WP offers Photometrica Software development services including building custom applications or add-on packages for Photometrica based on your specifications, as well as blocks of Technical Support that you can use to assist with your own customization efforts. Contact WP for additional details.