Westboro Photonics

Smart Series Imaging Photometers

Capture precise luminance measurements with this proven imaging Photometer series, based upon the advanced Sony Pregius® CMOS sensors. These compact, portable, and lightweight instruments deliver unmatched performance. Systems include Photometrica software, the most versatile and productive light measurement, and analysis platform.

The Smart Series is available in the following models:

  • P230U – 2.3 MP
  • P501U – 5.0 MP
  • P1230U – 12.3 MP

Superior Sensors

Take fast, precise and sensitive luminance measurements with this series’ Sony Pregius® CMOS sensors. These newest sensors specifications for dynamic range, quantum efficiency, full well capacity, sensitivity and noise are all improved, boasting a markedly lower noise in comparison to the latest CCD sensors.

High Dynamic Range

As a result of the improved noise performance and large full well capacity, a single exposure measurement can reliably report a wider dynamic range of luminance values (>70dB). Up to 1,000,000:1 dynamic range can be acquired using HDR imaging methods.

Compact Design

At about the same volume as a deck of cards and weighing just 350 g with a typical lens, it is easy to mount this photometer into tight spaces. A locking USB3 cables ensure reliable connectivity. Stereoscopic photometer measurements can be done with lenses centered as close as 44 mm, which is well below the standard inter-ocular distance.

Capable Software

Photometrica Software is included with all systems. There are also extensive options for measurement and analysis via add-on software packages.

Customization and Automation

With the software development kit (SDK), scripting within Photometrica is available to simplify the user interface, streamline repetitive tasks, or integrate with external devices such as video pattern generators. For full automation, users may create applications using SOAP (LabVIEW, MATLAB, etc.), or COM (C#, C++, VB) interfaces.

Lens Options

Choose from a variety of matched, high resolution lens choices with fields of view ranging from 10 to 68 degrees.  Westboro also offers two lenses suitable for Near Eye Display (NED) measurements. These lenses have an entrance pupil that can be calibrated at 5mm and high MTF.


With a USB 3.1 connection, the Smart Series imaging photometers offer very fast communication and are readily connected to today’s laptops and desktop PCs.

Low Power (<4.5W)

Power your photometer over USB 3.0 or via the photometer’s GPIO connector. Most importantly, the low power consumption will provide you with cooler operation and less noise.

Near Infrared (NIR) Measurements

All Smart Series models can be configured for a radiometric calibration to measure NIR sources used for facial and gesture recognition, and other sensing applications – typically up to 940 nm. Paired with BP100 Beam Pattern Measurement Accessory and the Beam Pattern software package, measurements and analyses of radiant intensity and irradiance are fast and convenient compared to traditional goniometric methods.”

Key Features
  • Fast measurements
  • Up to 12.3 MP
  • Compact
  • Lower power
  • Great sensitivity
  • High dynamic range
Typical Applications