Westboro Photonics

Imaging Circadiometer

Light Evaluations for Human Vision Science

With the WP690E-Circ, users can quickly acquire precise scotopic, ipRGC, S-cone, M-cone, and L-cone radiance measurements of displays, luminaires, or other visual scenes. Photometrica software provides the tools to analyze single or many measurement images to gain understanding of the impacts to human physiological responses. The WP690ES-Circ includes a built-in spectroradiometer for the acquisition of scene spectra. Measurements include angular radiance and radiant intensity distributions as well as the ability to acquire high dynamic range scenes where intense lighting is combined with dark areas.

All systems include a cooled and stabilized CCD detector with automated filter wheel and electronic lens control.

Select the Imaging Circadiometer that is right for you:

Models Description EF Lens Control Spectroradiometer

9 MP



9 MP



Key Features
  • Measures the Five CIE S 026/E:2018 α-Opic Radiances
  • 9 Megapixels
  • Electronic Lens Control
  • Optional Integrated Spectroradiometer
  • Photometrica Software for Detailed Image Analyses