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Diffuse Reflectance Sphere (DRS100)

Mobile displays are used in a variety of ambient lighting environments. The evaluation of mobile displays under diffuse illumination conditions is critical to the understanding of display performance in the real world, as mobile displays are used in a wide range of ambient lighting environments. The DRS100 is purpose-made to completely characterize the diffuse reflectance properties of mobile displays, providing uniform hemispherical illumination.

Homogeneous Hemispherical Illumination

The DRS100’s patented technology allows for the measurement of reflectance at any angle, with or without the specular component. It can also accommodate very high or low illumination levels. The DRS100 provides a homogeneous hemispherical illumination of the display with or without the specular illumination by means of a rotating light trap.

The display under test is mounted on the post in the center of the sphere. The measuring instrument views the display through a 63 mm port allowing reflectance measurements as near as 5° from normal to as oblique as 80° with the DRS100.

Baffled lighting at the top and bottom of the sphere provides illumination up to 10,000 lux on the sample.

Imaging System Capabilities

• Set the display to a checkerboard test pattern to simultaneously measure both black and white states
• Simultaneously measure a reference reflector in the scene to monitor the illumination of the display
• Provide a visual record of the setup superimposed with the photometric or colorimetric information for further


DRS100 Datasheet

Key Features
  • Uniform hemispherical illumination
  • Reflectance from 5° to 80°
  • Ability to include or exclude specular component
  • Illumination to over 10,000 lux