Westboro Photonics

Imaging Colorimeters

Whether an R&D or high speed production application, WP offers a large range of imaging colorimeter models to meet your measurement and testing requirements of luminance and chromaticity.

WP525 Imaging Spectral Colorimeters

24.6 MP, Spectro and tristimulus colorimeter in-one

WP512 Imaging Spectral Colorimeters

12-MP RGB imager plus spectrometer that’s fast

WP6 Series Imaging Colorimeters

9- and 12-MP, cooled and compact

Multi Camera Imaging Colorimeters (MCIC)

Four 12-MP tristimulus imagers capture in parallel. Wicked fast!

XR1 Near Eye Display (NED) Lens

High fidelity characterization of near eye displays

Conometer Viewing Angle Lens

Measure viewing angle performance of flat panel displays