Westboro Photonics

Tim Moggridge
Owner and President

Mr. Moggridge has served as President and co-founder of Westboro Photonics since 1994. He has demonstrated a 25+ year history in light measurement instrumentation and working in the scientific and industrial automation industries. Tim boasts novel light measurement equipment design expertise with 2 patents and counting, and has been the Director of CORM since 2002. In his spare time Tim enjoys road cycling, cross-country skiing, and swimming.

Michael McLeod
Product Management Director

Michael works closely with our partners and customers around the world, overseeing all sales and support, and fostering relationships with key accounts. Michael joined Westboro Photonics from the telecommunications industry in 2015. He has a background in engineering and physics, and years of hands-on experience implementing Westboro Photonics’ solutions in both R&D and production environments.