Cooled, EF Lens, WP6P Series Imaging Photometers

High performance imaging photometer series with cooled CCD sensors, and optional electronic lens control and/or  integrated spectrometer. As the benchmark for measurement performance value, this series is optimized for luminance measurement of displays, illuminated keyboards, graphics and more. Benefit from the high quality of our WP6 imaging colorimeter series but with photometric function only.

The WP6P Imaging Photometer Series includes the following models:

  • WP640P| WP690P | WP6120P – 4, 9 or 12 MP cooled CCD imaging photometer with manual lens control
  • WP640PE| WP690PE | WP6120PE – 4, 9 or 12 MP cooled CCD EF lens imaging photometer with electronic lens control
  • WP640PES | WP690PES | WP6120PES –  4 , 9 or 12 MP cooled CCD EF lens imaging photometer with electronic lens control and integrated spectroradiometer

Incredible Accuracy

Take accurate measurements of the finest details with the WP6P Imaging Photometer Series, featuring 16-bit A/D conversion and temperature regulation to 0.1 degrees Celsius. Choose from 4, 9, and 12 megapixel resolutions, all with thermoelectrically-cooled sensors. Ensure improved precision and convenience for your applications with the integration of an electronically controlled lens.

Automatic Luminance Correction

Unlike other products on the market, the WP640PES, WP690PES, and the WP6120PES Imaging Photometers offer an integrated spot spectroradiometer combined with an imaging colorimeter in one instrument. Improve measurement accuracy to the spectroradiometer level through automatic luminance correction with this combination, while also gaining radiometric information and additional measurement insights. To fulfill the measurement requirements of modern displays and lighting, Westboro Photonics offers the S3 and S4 high performance spectroradiometers (LINK TO DATASHEET COLORIMETER ES) with excellent dynamic range, linearity, stray light suppression and signal-to-noise ratio. We can also work with other fiber optic spectroradiometers; contact us for more details.

Dealing with a Low Light Environment?

A Scotopic filter version of the WP6P Imaging Photometer Series is also available for low lighting environments.

Electronic Lens Functions

Unique to these instruments is the integration of electronically controlled lens functions with iris and focus control. These motorized lenses offer improved accuracy, precision and convenience for all applications.

Premium Software Included

Westboro Photonics’ Photometrica Software and application packages provide users with the most productive environment for measurement and analysis. All functions can be efficiently automated with the Software Development Kit (SDK).

High Sensitivity

Minimize noise and drift with a stabilized Peltier-cooling of the CCD detector. With sensitivity below 0.0001 cd/m², ultra-low light signals can be reliably analyzed. Optimization of the optical system has also resulted in quicker measurement times.

Key Features

  • Electronic Focus and Iris Control
  • Multiple EF or Manual Lens Options
  • Thermoelectrically-Cooled Sensor
  • Compact
  • Optional Integrated Spectrometer

Typical Applications Include


WP6P Series Datasheet
WP6PE Series Datasheet
WP6PES Series Datasheet

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Key Features
  • Electronic Focus
  • Electronic Iris Control
  • Multiple EF Lens Options
  • Thermoelectrically-Cooled
  • Compact
  • Optional Integrated Spectroradiometer

Specialized Software