Compact, Fast P Series Imaging Photometers

Capture precise luminance measurements with this proven imaging Photometer series, based upon the advanced Sony Pregius® CMOS sensors. These compact, portable, and lightweight instruments deliver unmatched performance. Includes Photometrica Software, providing a versatile and productive light measurement and analysis platform.

The P Series is available in the following models:

  • P230U – 2 megapixel global shutter CMOS USB 3.0 compact, fast imaging photometer
  • P501U – 5 megapixel global shutter CMOS USB 3.0 compact, fast imaging photometer
  • P1230U – 12.3 megapixel global shutter CMOS USB 3.0 compact, fast imaging photometer

Superior Sensors

Take fast, precise and sensitive luminance measurements with this series’ Sony Pregius® CMOS sensors. These newest sensors specifications for dynamic range, quantum efficiency, full well capacity, sensitivity and noise are all improved, boasting a markedly lower noise in comparison to the latest CCD sensors.

High Resolution and Matched Lens Selection

Select the lens choice and megapixel imaging resolution (2.3, 5.0 and 12.3) that best suits your application needs. Each photometer has a lens series that is matched to the sensor resolution and size, providing you with optimally crisp and clear images. Standard lenses offer fields of view from 10˚ to as much as 82˚. Microscope lenses are also available.

High Dynamic Range

As a result of the improved noise performance and large full well capacity, a single exposure measurement can reliably report a wider dynamic range of luminance values (>70dB). Up to 1,000,000:1 dynamic range can be acquired using HDR imaging methods.

Compact Design

Easily mount this light weight, small footprint photometer, weighing just 300 g with a typical lens, into tight spaces. Locking USB3 cables ensure reliable connectivity.

Capable Software

Benefit from extensive options for measurement and analysis with Photometrica Software and optional specialized software packages. Alternatively, create fully customized solutions using built-in scripting or external control available in the optional Photometrica Software Development Kit (SDK).

Low Power (<4.5W)

Power your photometer over USB 3.0 or via the photometer’s GPIO connector. Most importantly, the low power consumption will provide you with cooler operation and less noise.

Key Features

  • Fast measurements
  • Up to 12.3 megapixel resolution
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption
  • Great sensitivity
  • Highest dynamic range

Typical Applications


P6 Series Datasheet

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Key Features
  • Fast measurements
  • Up to 12.3 MP
  • Compact
  • Lower power
  • Great sensitivity
  • High dynamic range

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