Viewing Angle Measurement WP214 Imaging Colorimeter with Spectroradiometer

Combine speed with superior color accuracy for precise viewing angle measurement with this tristimulus filter wheel-based imaging colorimeter. The WP214’s built-in spot spectroradiometer provides automatic photometric and colorimetric correction, optimizing imager results and increasing productivity for your light measurement application.

Precise Measurement and Fast Throughput

Featuring a high dynamic range CCD imager with 0.5 MP resolution, the WP214 colorimeter is designed for industries and applications requiring precise measurement and fast throughput such as flat panel, projection and LED displays, backlight units, and beam pattern analysis.

Superior Optical Design

Ensure an even higher level of accuracy for your measurement requirements with the integrated spot spectroradiometer, which samples 5% of the field of view to serve as a reference in order to optimize the imager results. The WP214’s advanced design ensures that a collimated light-beam passes through the tristimulus filters, resulting in equivalent filtering for all areas of the image. The combination of these two technologies often reduces costs by replacing two separate instruments in one. Furthermore, interchange specialty lenses, including macro, microscope and fisheye lenses, for a flexible, practical solution for the lab.

A Complete Solution Including Photometrica Software

The accompanying Photometrica Software provides a complete solution for analysis of FPD’s, LED or OLED lighting applications. Configure your user interface with extensive analysis and automation capabilities. Furthermore, eliminate the need for external software development with the software embedded scripting tools, reducing costs for many automated production applications.

Wide Angle of View

When coupled with a CONOMETER lens, the WP214 can measure luminance and chromaticity as a function of viewing angle with a range of 160° and a data resolution of 0.25°.

Key Features

  • Superior color accuracy
  • Chromaticity, luminance, contrast and gamma modes
  • Integrated spectroradiometer
  • High sensitivity
  • Compact and portable
  • Interchangeable lens options
  • Viewing angle to +/- 80° when equipped with Conometer lens

Typical Applications

The WP214 is useful in both production and research and development environments. Specific applications include:

  • Display gamma and uniformity
  • Display viewing angle (with CONOMETER lens)
  • Beam pattern measurements of lamps and luminaires

WP214 Datasheet

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Key Features
  • Superior color
  • Multiple modes
  • Spectroradiometer
  • High sensitivity
  • Compact

Wide Viewing Angle

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