High-Speed Multi Camera MCIC Series Imaging Colorimeters

Obtain fast measurements, significantly reduce downtime, increase your return on investment, and mix and match sensors for your production environment, with this multi-camera imaging colorimeter series

The Multi Camera Imaging Colorimeter (MCIC) Series is purpose-made for production environments requiring high-speed luminance and chromaticity measurements. The following models are available in this series, providing the utmost speed, accuracy an reliability:

  • WP4230 – 2 megapixel CCD high-speed multi camera imaging colorimeter
  • WP4501 – 5.1 megapixel CCD high-speed multi camera imaging colorimeter
  • WP41230 – 12.3 megapixel high-speed multi camera imaging colorimeter

Speed and Reliability

As you know, measurement throughput and reliability are critical requirements for production line testing. With this in mind, we have specifically designed the MCIC with the following features:

  • The MCIC’s imagers measure up to four tristimulus channels, spectrum and flicker simultaneously, versus filter wheel systems that measure each tristimulus image one after another
  • As a result, there is no need to wait for a filter wheel to rotate and settle at each filter position as there are no moving parts
  • Takt times of 1 second for color make the MCIC 4 times faster than a filter wheel colorimeter
  • With no moving parts minimizes downtime and extends your investment with long-lasting equipment
  • For fast data processing when using multi-core PCs, Photometrica Software and its SDK support threaded functions
  • Maximize data throughput with parallel high speed USB 3.0 connections from the host PC to each of the tristimulus imagers

Mix and Match Sensors

  • MCIC imaging colorimeters are configured standard with four identical 2.3 or 5.1 megapixel image sensors
  • Alternatively, analyze the smallest defects by configuring the instrument with a 12.3 megapixel photometer as a substitute in the Y-channel (luminance)

Spot Spectroradiometer Options

  • Automatically correct the chromaticity and luminance values with an optional integrated spot spectroradiometer
  • Spectral measurements may be executed in parallel with MCIC photometers

Photometrica Software

  • Westboro’s Photometrica Software is included with purchase and fully supports the MCIC
  • Integrate the MCIC in a fully automated test line with our powerful SDK
  • The software features multi-threading and support for the latest USB 3.0 compact, fast imaging photometers
  • Production test solutions for LED displays, flat panel displays and keyboards are available

Lens Options

Choose from a variety of lens choices with fields of view ranging from 10 to 82 degrees. See the compact, fast P series imaging photometer details for more information.

Key Features

  • High speed
  • Rapid acquisition
  • USB 3.0 interface

Ideal Applications


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Key Features
  • High speed
  • Rapid acquisition
  • USB3 interface

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