Compact, High Accuracy and Resolution WP6 Series Imaging Colorimeters

Compact, high performance, Thermoelectrically-cooled CCD imaging colorimeters for your demanding R&D and production needs

Featuring thermoelectrically-cooled sensors up to 12 megapixels, these instruments are built to handle the high accuracy and reliability demands of R&D and production environments. Choose from the following 9 models, and the option for electronic lens control with the E models, or an integrated spectroradiometer in the ES models:

  • WP640 | WP690 | WP6120 – 4, 9 and 12 megapixel thermoelectrically-cooled CCD high accuracy imaging colorimeters, trisimulus filter wheel and manual lens control for 2D luminance and chromaticity at great resolution
  • WP640E | WP690E | WP6120E –  4, 9 and 12 megapixel thermoelectrically-cooled CCD high accuracy imaging colorimeter, trisimulus filter wheel, and electronic lens control for increased repeatability and custom working distances
  • WP640ES | WP690ES | WP6120ES –  4, 9 and 12 megapixel thermoelectrically-cooled CCD highest accuracy imaging colorimeter, trisimulus filter wheel, electronic lens control and integrated spectroradiometer for the most accurate imaging and repeatability

Megapixel Resolution

16-bit A/D conversion and temperature regulation to 0.1° C, enabling precise and accurate measurement of even the finest details. Pixel level measurements of flat panel displays, backlit keyboards, or automotive panel graphics can be quickly and reliably completed.

Because imaging colorimeters are often compared to and corrected by spot spectroradiometers, it makes sense to integrate the two. With the WP6ES, a circular area in the center of the measurement can be measured with both the imaging colorimeter and the “spot” spectroradiometer. Photometrica software automatically computes a color correction based on a comparison between the two measurements. This correction can significantly improve the accuracy of the imaging colorimeter.

The new WP6E and WP6ES Series feature electronic focus and iris control, resulting in improved accuracy and enhanced automation.

Key Features

  • Superior color accuracy
  • Chromaticity, luminance, contrast and gamma modes
  • Integrated spectroradiometer
  • High sensitivity
  • Compact and portable
  • Interchangeable lens options

Typical Applications

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Key Features
  • Superior Color
  • 4 Modes
  • Spectroradiometer
  • High Sensitivity
  • Compact

Wide Viewing Angle

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