Westboro Photonics


Satisfy your most demanding chromaticity and luminosity inspection requirements with WP’s high resolution Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters, Photometrica® Software and our specialized software packages.

Flat Panel Displays

Keep the cost of flat panel inspection down and increase production with WP imaging photometers and colorimeters and the advanced Photometrica Software. Take precise, reproducible measurements in under one second, and improve accuracy for your manufacturing environment.

Automotive Lighting

Ensure the highest levels of performance, accuracy and quality for luminance and chromaticity measurement of interior and exterior automotive lighting. Optimize measurements for center stacks, HUDs, instrument clusters, graphics, headlamps and styling lines and more, with our imaging instruments, Photometrica Software, and application-specific software packages.

Aerospace & Defense

Optimize aircraft and aerospace illuminated products to meet photometric and colorimetric standards with WP’s turnkey solutions for light balancing of lighting panels, enabling the safety and comfort of pilots, crew and passengers.


Provide a seamless experience for VR / AR / NED users, free from deformity and defects, with WP high quality instruments, Photometrica Software, specialized software packages and a wide selection of cost-effective lenses.


Attain high levels of manufacturing performance and quality control with WP’s imaging photometers and colorimeters, offering unrivaled measurement accuracy for your demanding lighting applications.