Westboro Photonics

Regular maintenance and calibration of your system is essential and often required for quality compliance. Traceable and accredited recalibrations can help you maintain confidence in your measurements and minimize variability in your production. Here are five reasons to keep your systems regularly calibrated.


1) Systems can drift over time

Accuracy depends on many factors, including the uniform response of every pixel on the sensor’s array, the electrical noise created at every calibrated exposure, the linearity of the sensor, and more. All of these items can change slightly over time.


2) We know our systems inside and out

Regular inspection by a qualified technician can mitigate unplanned downtime. All systems returning for calibration undergo a thorough incoming inspection, including checking lenses, filters, electronics, communications, and mechanicals. Suppose we discover something out of the ordinary. In that case, we can flag it to you, help your monitor the situation, and suggest the best course of action.


3) A clean system is a happy system

Dirt, debris, and oils can contaminate your devices. In addition, dust, oils, and debris are concerns in some production applications. Therefore, our team carefully cleans instruments before recalibration to ensure it operates at peak performance.


4) Quick turnaround

We understand downtime without your systems can be critical. Our team will work with you on a plan to fit your schedule and ensure the quickest turnaround possible. Additionally, our customers in China can now take advantage of the service center located in Shanghai.


5) Get up to date

Our team is always hard at work, adding new software features and improving the user experience. So, for a limited time, all recalibrations will include an update to the latest version of our Photometrica software and SDK at no extra charge.


To schedule your next calibration, please get in touch with us.