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    Powerful, easy-to-use, extremely accurate software for measurement, analysis and reporting

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  • MCIC – High Speed Production

    Full color images for luminance, chromaticity, uniformity and defect testing measured in under 1 second

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  • Flat Panel Display Industry

    Take fast, accurate, cost-effective testing measurements of monitors, automotive displays and more

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About Westboro Photonics

Westboro Photonics is a leading international provider of LED, display and light measurement metrology equipment with more than 20 years’ experience. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Westboro Photonics designs, engineers and manufactures instrumentation to measure and characterize light emission, reflection and transmission. Our true strength lies in the creative minds of our engineers and scientists, and in their efforts to research and develop new products and services.


Satisfy your most demanding chromaticity and luminance inspection requirements with Westboro Photonics high resolution imaging photometers and colorimeters, Photometrica® Software and our specialized software packages.

  • Westar Display Technologies have used Westboro Photonics' CONOMETER product in some of the test systems that we have developed. The CONOMETER has proven to be a useful option in our systems for rapid viewing angle measurements of flat panel displays. Westboro has supported the successful integration of its instrument in our test systems through direct engineer-to-engineer contact. We will definitely consider the use of Westboro instruments in future systems that we develop.
    Mike Wilson
    Product Manager, Westar Display Technologies
  • Using Westboro imaging photometers for light plate balancing and graphics testing has been an excellent upgrade to our quality system. The operators find the process to be much quicker and the results are much more consistent. This further allows us to be less reliant on our spectrometer for spot inspections. This is all thanks to superb photometer accuracy and repeatability and especially the phenomenal software from Westboro Photonics.
    Steven Gale
    Gables Engineering
  • “Our technical sales representative, was very helpful during the pre-sale process, and when the first unit was delivered, he personally visited our facility to assist with set up and answered all of our questions. The products from Westboro Photonics have performed as advertised and [their staff] have continued to check in with us to make sure things are running smoothly.”
    J.J. McKenzie
    President, Prime Products