Light Panel Balancing

Backlit graphics in avionic cockpit displays are commonly built with what are called "light panels". The backlit graphics on the light panel must have uniform luminance. To achieve this uniformity it is necessary to "balance" the panel before it is finished with an opaque topcoat. Balancing entails adding layers of white paint to the areas that are too bright until all areas of interest are within the desired luminance range(s).

Balancing with Imaging Photometry

A fast imaging photometer combined with Photometrica® software is the ideal solution to provide the luminance information for the manual or automated painting process of avionic panels.

Displayed measurements in the software provide the operator with color cues: red areas are too luminous; blue or black are too dim; and green regions are acceptable. The operator can direct their attention to balancing only the areas where the graphics will be by applying an overlay.

The new 2.3 megapixel P230U CMOS imaging photometer is faster and more sensitive than any previous CCD photometers; it is the ideal imager for light panel balancing.


  • Streamlined user interface
  • Lockable workspace for fixed production applications
  • Work in units of fL or cd/m²
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