Graphics Testing

High resolution imaging photometers and colorimeters from Westboro Photonics can measure and analyze the properties of keyboards, keypads and other illuminated graphic displays in seconds. Photometrica® software automatically identifies all distinct characters and evaluates their luminance and chromaticity according to user-defined methods and reports a summary of any regions which are outside of the tolerances.

Figure 1: Sample automotive panel screenshot after capture without auto-refinement.

Refinement in Photometrica is used to create unique areas of interest (AOIs) based on image refinement. The found AOIs are outlined by moving dotted lines.

Figure 2: Sample automotive panel after applying auto refinement to entire field of view. Each character has been identified (dotted lines around perimeter) and pass/fail analysis performed, all in less than 100 ms.

Various pseudo-color overlays allow users to quickly reveal the average luminance and chromaticity of each character. Optional highlight schemes can also be applied to visually indicate the pass/fail condition of each character. The pass/fail definition is highly configurable and can include any number of parameters (luminance, chromaticity, uniformity, etc).

Figure 3: Panel with optional highlight scheme applied, performed automatically with refinement.

The software does not require time consuming or expensive setup procedures such as programming or precision positioning of the display. The characters are identified and evaluated regardless of orientation and location without a need for fine alignment of spot meters. Standard spot meter evaluations are also available in the software, where required. Typical applications include the testing of luminous graphics on cell phone keypads, automotive instrument clusters and avionic displays.

For luminance only applications, resolutions of 12 MP are paired with lenses to capture the highest levels of detail. Meticulous calibrations and high dynamic range measurement techniques ensure repeatable and reliable results over an enormous luminance range.

When chromaticity data is also required, the WP6 Series of colorimeters offers an impressive solution. Depending on the application, a resolution ranging from 4 MP and 12 MP is available. The WP6 Series instruments include thermoelectrically cooled sensors that can be configured with a wide assortment of lenses to suit almost any application. When used in combination with optional ND filters and standard bracketing technology, these colorimeters can reliably measure scenes from 0.0002 cd/m² to over 10,000,000 cd/m². The optional integrated spectroradiometer corrects the colorimeter to supreme levels of luminance and color accuracy for any imaging colorimeter.

Fully or partially automated production applications will benefit from the software development kit (SDK) which provides simple methods for third party software to acquire, analyze and report on measurements. With the SDK, users can also automate the capture, analysis and reporting within the software using the built-in scripting tools.

Whether used in R&D or production testing, Westboro Photonics has the solution for any illuminated graphics testing application.

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