WP214 Imaging Spectral Colorimeter


The accuracy of a spot spectroradiometer and productivity of an imaging colorimeter in one instrument

The WP214 is the highest accuracy 2D colorimeter available on the market. The built-in spot spectroradiometer provides automatic photometric and colorimetric correction for the 2D colorimeter. The optical design of the WP214 has superior 2D color accuracy than any other imaging colorimeters for two important reasons:

  • the precision optics collimates the light through the tristimulus filters providing equivalent filtering for all areas of the image;
  • the integrated spot spectroradiometer samples 5% of the field of view, and provides corrections for the colorimeter.

WP214 functional schematic

The instrument is even more practical for the lab when one considers the interchangeable specialty lens options including macro, microscope and fisheye lenses.

Viewing Angle

When coupled with a CONOMETER® lens, the WP214 can measure luminance and chromaticity as a function of viewing angle with a range of 160° and a data resolution of 0.25°.

Key Features

  • Superior color accuracy
  • Chromaticity, luminance, contrast and gamma modes
  • Integrated spectroradiometer
  • High sensitivity
  • Compact and portable
  • Interchangeable lens options
  • Viewing angle to +/- 80° when equipped with CONOMETER® lens

Typical Applications

The WP214 is useful in both production and research and development environments. Specific applications include:

  • Display gamma and uniformity
  • Display viewing angle (with CONOMETER® lens)
  • Beam pattern measurements of lamps and luminaires
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