Multi-Camera Imaging Colorimeter - MCIC


High speed luminance and chromaticity measurements for production

Measurement throughput and reliability are critical requirements for production line testing. It is for these reasons that Westboro Photonics created the Multi Camera Imaging Colorimeter (MCIC). Significant speed and reliability gains can be realized with the MCIC's four simultaneous captures of the tristimulus channels.

Unlike filter wheel imaging colorimeters, the MCIC has no moving parts, so instrument reliability is greatly increased.

The powerful Photometrica® software and its SDK allow integration of the MCIC in a fully automated test line. The software features multi-threading and support for the latest USB3 CMOS high speed imaging photometers.

Key Features

  • High speed
  • Rapid acquisition
  • USB3 interface
  • Display Test software
  • Uniformity Spots software

Typical Applications

  • Uniformity of displays and backlights
  • Defect testing of displays
  • LED display panel calibration
  • Beam pattern distribution analysis
  • Uniformity of SSL fixtures
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