DRS100 Diffuse Reflectance Sphere


Ideal for characterising the diffuse reflectance properties of mobile displays

Mobile displays are used in a variety of ambient lighting environments. The evaluation of mobile displays under diffuse illumination conditions is critical to the understanding of display performance in the real world.

The DRS100 provides a homogeneous hemispherical illumination of the display with or without the specular illumination by means of a rotating light trap.

The display under test is mounted on the post in the center of the sphere. The measuring instrument views the display through a 63 mm port allowing reflectance measurements as near as 5° from normal to as oblique as 80° with the DRS100.

Baffled lighting at the top and bottom of the sphere provides illumination up to 10,000 lux on the sample.

Key Features

  • Uniform hemispherical illumination
  • Reflectance from 5° to 80°
  • Ability to include or exclude specular component
  • Compatible with spot or image based measurement devices
  • Range of light sources available
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