BP100 Beam Pattern Measurement System


Intensity Measurement of Lamps

The BP100 is a compact, portable photometric or colorimetric measurement accessory enabling fast and precise beam pattern measurements of small lamps and fiber optic illuminators. The method uses a diffusely transmitting screen to provide a flat image that can be measured by an imaging photometer or colorimeter.

With Photometrica® software and the Beam Pattern package, users can perform a menu-driven, geometrical and photometric calibration process. Two-dimensional (2D) measurements can report the intensity of the test lamp in polar (θ, φ) or Cartesian (θH, θV) coordinates. Other computations include illuminance and luminous flux. Chromaticity coordinates and spectral properties can also be measured when using an imaging colorimeter: WP6 Series, WP214, or MCIC.

Key Features

  • Uniform hemispherical illumination
  • Reflectance from 5° to 80°
  • Ability to include or exclude specular component
  • Compatible with spot or image based measurement devices
  • Range of light sources available
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