Display Test Package

Intuitive Multi-testing of Displays

Manufacturers need to ensure their displays are calibrated for color and luminance and that there are no critical defects. Westboro Photonics imaging colorimeters paired with the Display Test Package can fulfill the widest range of testing scenarios. The system solution provides fast measurement times and the greatest measurement coverage.

The Display Test Package allows users to follow a simplified 3-step process. Using an intuitive suite of tools, users can efficiently define test parameters, configure active regions and execute tests.

Key Features

  • Performance tests include: luminance uniformity, color uniformity, gamma, gamut, contrast
  • Defect tests include:
    • bright/dark spot
    • vertical/horizontal line
    • cloud mura
    • edge mura
    • DFF black mura
    • DFF spot scan
  • Ability to control the device under test (DUT)
  • Run tests in an automated fashion, including a production mode
  • Automatically locate and register multiple displays
  • User-extendable with SDK
  • Support for irregular display shapes
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