September 2018 — Ottawa, Canada

Westboro Photonics hosts the SAE Lighting Systems Group

Westboro Photonics, a leading manufacturer and developer of light measurement equipment was pleased to host the SAE Lighting Systems Group, providing demonstrations of luminance and chromaticity measurement solutions.

SAE International Lighting Standards Advisory Group at Westboro Photonics
SAE International Lighting Standards Advisory Group at Westboro Photonics

Advisory group members work together to provide a forum to collect, disseminate and provide discussion on topics covering international vehicle lighting standards and regulations activity. Members come from diverse backgrounds involved in automotive lighting including government, consultants, OEMs and supplier as well as other interested parties. The governing body SAE international, is a world-wide entity consisting of more than 128,000 engineers and technical experts from the automotive and aerospace industries providing a neutral forum for the discussion of mobility standards and regulations.

SAE groups contain the most reliable and comprehensive collection of mobility engineering resources available and produce STEM education and professional development programs that educate current and future members of the mobility workforce. They use consensus-based standards to advance quality, safety and innovation and are comprised of a global network of members whose knowledge is being used to make mobility safer, cleaner and accessible.

NIR Beam Pattern Demonstration by Chad Green, Vice President at Westboro Photonics

Westboro Photonics provided a series of demonstrations of their light measurement systems including automotive beam pattern, automotive graphics, head-up displays and accent styling line measurements. Chad Greene, Vice-President, Research and Development at Westboro, was pleased to host his fellow members. "This was an opportunity to provide a hands-on demonstration of our state-of-the-art light measurement technology."

Joseph Jaklic, SAE Lighting Systems Group Chairperson attended the series of demonstrations at Westboro Headquarters and offered his appreciation. "This was a very good learning experience for our group and there were topics that directly relate to ongoing lighting and testing activities. Much gratitude for the time and effort to assemble the multiple demonstration areas and provide technical experts to discuss the technology and field questions from our group."

For more information on SAE, please visit:

June 2017 — Ottawa, Canada

Westboro Photonics Announces the Release of Photometrica® 7.5

Westboro Photonics, a leading manufacturer of imaging colorimeters and photometers for the analysis of displays and lighting and the publisher of the Photometrica measurement and analysis software, announces the release of Photometrica version 7.5.

Some of the New Features and Enhancements Available in Photometrica 7.5:

  • Electronic control of lens focus and iris
  • Measurements can now be taken at any working distance, even for virtual images in heads-up (HUD), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) displays. Users can set the focus through the software, and accurately have the distance to the subject or virtual image reported.
  • Improved defect characterization tools to detect mura, Black Mura, and light leakage in displays
  • Faster measurement and computational algorithms
  • More analysis tools including spot scanning, and improved character and symbol detection

Photometrica 7.5 further enhances the most powerful and sophisticated measurement analysis software by providing easier methods to focus, preview and analyze measurements. The revised electronic lens control improves the speed and accuracy of setting the lens focus and iris.

The software's extensive and powerful tool set identifies and quantifies the amounts of light and the color of objects using spatial and data driven techniques. These methods are used by leading laboratories and manufacturers to analyze AR, VR, flat and curved information displays of all types including automotive and avionic cockpit instruments; backlit keyboards; lamp beam patterns and visual scenes.

Unique to Photometrica is a multi-measurement architecture which enables convenient display and comparison between measurements of objects under different conditions. For example, a measurement document may contain display measurements at multiple gray levels, or different temperatures of a room at different times of the day.

Customization and Automation

For most measurement applications, Photometrica provides all the control and analysis capabilities required in the lab. For partly or fully automated applications, the Photometrica software development kit (SDK) provides scripting and customization capabilities as well as an interface to core processing functionality for equipment and measurement control (using Python, LabVIEW, MATLAB, C#, C++, and more). Customization can include user-defined windows employing any number of controls, such as labels, number edit boxes, sliders, drop-down menus, buttons, graphs and tables. Each control can be associated with scripts to perform a set of actions in the software.



January 2017 — Ottawa, Canada

Westboro Photonics Expands!

With rising order volumes and a growing staff, Westboro has added 50% more office and lab space to their Ottawa head office.

"This new space has allowed us to grow our assembly, calibration and support capacity to meet the growing demand for our company's products." — Tim Moggridge, President, Westboro Photonics

May 23, 2016 — San Francisco, California

Westboro Photonics Announces Release of Three New Imaging Colorimeters

Westboro Photonics, a global leader in imaging colorimeters, photometers and measurement and analysis software, announced today that three new imaging colorimeters are now available: The Multi-Camera Imaging Colorimeter (MCIC), the WP6120 Imaging Colorimeter and the Spectrometer and Flicker upgrade/option for the WP6xxx family of Colorimeters.

The MCIC delivers unmatched speed, high accuracy and reliability when inspecting, balancing and tuning the light emission qualities of displays and luminaires. Taking one second for color measurements, the MCIC is several times faster than comparable filter wheel colorimeters. Having no moving parts, the MCIC helps to assure production line uptime, scheduled downtime and operational reliability requirements. The MCIC is supported by Photometrica® software and its complementary Software Development Kit (SDK), for automation.

Building upon the success of the family of WP6xxx imaging colorimeters, designed and engineered as an option for those interested in gathering chromaticity information in their measurements, Westboro Photonics has evolved this product line offering to now include the WP6120. The WP6120 colorimeter utilizes a 12MP, scientific-grade, cooled CCD in combination with the proven Photometrica software suite to provide a flexible, sensitive, accurate and easy-to-use solution for any colorimetry application.

The Spectrometer and Flicker upgrade/option for the WP6xxx family of colorimeters, for the first time, practically combines a high resolution imaging colorimeter, a high accuracy spectroradiometer and a flicker analyzer. This solution allows any WP6xxx family of products to have an integrated spot spectroradiometer and flicker detector. The spectral and flicker measurement and analysis, are fully automated and integrated with the colorimeter’s Photometrica software

"The release of these three new colorimeters gives the market multiple options to increase measurement velocity without sacrificing performance and respects budget constraints” said Tim Moggridge, president, Westboro Photonics. “These three new products offer a strong complement to the existing Westboro Photonics product line; in particular the Spectrometer and Flicker option. Existing products in the WP6xxx product line can be upgraded with this option. Additionally, this new option offers the customer the flexibility such that they can use existing, third party spectroradiometers, which they already have invested in. Efficiencies that no one can ignore, and that all can appreciate."

Demonstration at Display Week, San Francisco, 2016

To demonstrate the extraordinary capabilities of the Multi-Camera Imaging Colorimeter, the WP6120, the Spectrometer and Flicker upgrade/option and Photometrica, Westboro Photonics will be unveiling these latest market leading products at Display Week, San Francisco, 2016, Moscone Center, Booth 1314. This powerful product suite will showcase unique product offerings and features that will excite and intrigue.

March 1, 2016 — Santa Clara, California

Westboro Photonics Announces Release of Photometrica® 7.0

Already being adopted by the lighting community for next-generation applications

Westboro Photonics, a global leader in imaging colorimeters, photometers, and measurement and analysis software, announced today that Photometrica® 7.0, is now available.

Photometrica® 7.0 supports an exceptionally rich set of optimized software, supporting the Westboro Photonics imaging colorimeter product line. This production proven software, hardened in laboratory and research facilities, has been deployed to numerous Westboro Photonics customers. It enables customers to provide rapid and accurate measurement of luminance and chromaticity for a broad range of devices and materials including light sources, flat panel displays, keyboards, optical materials, and surface treatments. Photometrica® 7.0 specifically targets the automotive, avionics, display and lighting markets, and will significantly reduce the time it takes these customers to acquire, measure and analyze data.

"The era of long cycles to create expert analysis in light and color measurement is over; our customers want to develop at a distinctly greater speed and Photometrica® 7.0 will deliver. Case in point: we helped one of our customers slash their measurement time by 90% – a massive improvement over their existing solution and a proud achievement for our company," said Tim Moggridge, president, Westboro Photonics.

Photometrica® 7.0 continues to offer a powerful, Windows-based software suite that provides equipment control, data acquisition, and powerful image analysis capabilities. In addition to significantly increased capture and computation speeds, a variety of new and feature-rich support packages are available, such as FPD Uniformity, Black Mura, Beam Pattern, Keyboard Analysis, Capture Wizard, Light Plate Balancing, Viewing Angle, and MacAdam Ellipse Color Regions. Also, a new and improved user interface and online user manual to help new users become proficient in very little time.

"For almost a year, through the early access software program at Westboro Photonics, companies around the world have been putting Photometrica® 7.0 through its paces. We're thrilled to see the many next-generation applications that customers are already starting to develop through this program," said Tim Moggridge.

Demonstration at 2016 Strategies in Light

To demonstrate the extraordinary capabilities of Photometrica® 7.0, Westboro Photonics will be unveiling this latest software with their market leading imaging colorimeters. The WP690 Imaging Colorimeter and WP214 Imaging Spectral Colorimeter can be viewed at 2016 Strategies in Light, booth 803. This powerful product suite will showcase unique features, never before seen in measurement and analysis software.

March 1, 2014 — Ottawa, Canada

Westboro Photonics is named as the exclusive distributor for Light Tec scatter instruments and measurement services for Canada and the USA.

Tim Moggridge, President of Westboro Photonics, is very pleased to be able to offer these solutions to the North American optical materials market. “Many of our measurement clients have been struggling with very large and expensive solutions as the only choice for BSDF solutions. Light Tec brings bench top and handheld solutions with a level of performance that is really needed by industry today.”

Since 1999, Light Tec has been providing a wide range of optical simulation software solutions and covering consulting areas from illumination and displays to stray light analysis and optical design. To aid in those tasks, in addition to its photometric laboratory, Light Tec has created a line of scattering measurement instruments.

September 16, 2013 — Ottawa, Canada

Westboro Photonics today announced the release of two new colorimeters targeted at both development and production applications. The WP214 and WP640 systems are fully integrated 2D colorimeters utilizing thermoelectrically cooled, scientific-grade CCD sensors to offer high accuracy, speed and reliability over their lifetime.

The WP214 is the first instrument of its kind in the market. The novel system design includes a standard tristimulus filter wheel as well as an integrated spectrometer which serves as the reference to correct the chromaticity values measured by the CCD imager. The result is a system with color accuracy better than any 2D colorimeter on the market and approaching that of high-end spectroradiometers. When equipped with the conoscopic lens, the WP214 offers a quick and portable solution for any display viewing angle measurement application.

Following the success of the family of imaging photometers, the WP640 was designed and engineered as an option for those interested in also gathering chromaticity information in their measurements. The WP640 colorimeter utilizes a 4MP, scientific-grade, cooled CCD in combination with the proven Photometrica® software suite to provide a flexible and easy to use solution for any colorimetry application.

"The release of these two new imaging colorimeters gives the market another option to increase throughput without sacrificing performance or straining budgets," commented Tim Moggridge, President at Westboro Photonics. "The WP214, in particular, is an exciting innovation since it combines the benefits of traditionally used spot spectroradiometers with the advanced analysis capabilities and large field of view associated with colorimeter systems. For many applications it can replace two instruments for less than a high performance bench top spectrometer."

More details on the WP214 and WP640 systems and the entire Westboro product portfolio can be found at

About Westboro Photonics

Westboro Photonics is a leading manufacturer of imaging colorimeters, photometers, and measurement analysis software. Global leaders in the Flat Panel Display, Automotive, Avionics and Lighting markets, depend on Westboro Photonics product for accurate, precise and rapid measurements. Founded in 1995, Westboro Photonics is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, and its products are distributed to more than 50 countries worldwide.

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