Made by Light Tec and distributed in North America by Westboro Photonics


Accurate results in less than five minutes

Mini-Diff is the new "optical mouse" for "optical designers". Simply capture the scattering properties of a surface, and export the data to analysis software.

In less than five minutes, you can:

  1. Calibrate the Mini Diff with the bundled standard samples,
  2. Measure and characterise a surface material,
  3. Export the result for analysis and design work.

Mini-Diff can measure diffuse reflective diffusers, transmissive diffusers, and reflectors. Measurements can be exported to the following formats:

  • ASTM
  • BSDF ( imported by commercial software )
  • Mesh ( native format )
  • Slice ( intensity versus angle )
  • Lambertian / Gaussian model
  • ABg ( Harvey Shack model)

Repeatability and accuracy: Mini-Diff offers an accuracy better than 5 %. Below is a sample measurement of a lambertian standard for an incident angle of 40°.


Here are sample BRDF results for a table surface, and reflector "Miro 5" ( details in the links below ).


Check out some detailed examples:

These measurements can also be used in the following analysis software:

  • LightTools®
  • TracePro®
  • FRED®
  • ASAP®
  • SPEOS®
  • RELUX®
  • LiteStar®
  • Photopia®
  • LumenMicro®
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