Measurement Services

Westboro Photonics maintains a testing Laboratory specializing in spectroradiometric and photometric characterization of light. We offer a third party independent review and/or contract measurement services based on your need. The equipment used is world leading for accuracy and precision and our measurements are NIST traceable for results that provide confidence and reliability for your application.

Our light measurement services include, but are not limited to:

  • Display Measurements
    • Uniformity, Gamma, and viewing Angle of flat panel displays
    • Graphics and Keypad backlighting
    • Night Vision (NVIS) compatible displays
  • LED & Lamp Measurements
    • LED Luminous and Radiant Flux
    • LED Luminous and Radiant Intensity to CIE 127
  • Radiometric
    • Radiant Power
    • Irradiance
    • Radiance
  • Spectroradiometric
    • Spectral Irradiance
    • Spectral Radiance
    • Spectral Radiant Power
  • Photometric
    • Luminance
    • Luminous Intensity
    • Illuminance
    • Total Luminous Flux
    • Color Temperature and Chromaticity

Please contact us to obtain further information and pricing.

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